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March 16, 2007



I stumbled here by accident while googling "pee up a rope". Don't ask.
You might enjoy my blog post: ttp://haleyfamily.blogspot.com/2007/06/our-second-childhood.html

The funny thing is, I bought him the bike.
Good writing BTW


Delightful post, from a woman who "gets it," and rides her own - and I certainly keep up with my husband. We prefer not to communicate while on the bikes.

Creative Recreation

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Congratulations! You have so much useful information, write more.

Nazarii Roudyk

Hell yes, right on the money brother! To me, freedom is throwing on a backpack, starting up my bike, and heading out on the open road. Nothing in the world is better.

Mr Cover

Very usefull stuf. My wife and I were married over 20 years befre we started riding. After a year sitting behind me, she decided to drive her own. We now each have a Harley Dyna Super Glide and love them


I like what you said about looking out the window at every bike. I hurt my neck rubbernecking sometimes.

Dustin Kassman

Motorcycling is part of a person. When you marry/partner with someone you marry/partner with the entire person, not just bits and pieces you choose. Asking a motorcyclist to give up riding "because you don't like it when (s)he rides" is like asking that person to give up an arm or a leg. It is part of what defines a person and you really want him or her to change who (s)he is?


A very intresting peice of writing


I have given up my bike for a year, sold it to the wife's uncle cause he offered quite a bit of money and it fit him at 350 lbs of man. Figured in the future I could get another, the wife is pretty solid that I am not. I was in Australia and rode the great ocean rode and realized motorcycling is not a passing hobby but something that lingers in your blood. The day I rode that rode and made my way back into Melbourne in rush hour I felt almost as alive as when I had my first daughter. How do I get my horse back? To her defense I do own two muscle cars and a boat, but still she thinks this in your soul thing is bs.


"I want it to be a sunny day, I want to be on my Harley, and I want it to be something I cannot avoid. I want to know this is it, and look at whatever it is that will end me and twist the throttle all the way open. I want to feel my bike torque into it, letting me know she’s glad to go with me. And I want my eyes wide open. Whoever is riding on the back can do whatever they want."

Beautiful. I can't say much more than that.

Max Piedra

This is very relatable, really. I’ve heard of this kind of breakup, a lot on that note. Motorcycles and your partner are both important - in different ways though. So there is no reason to feel insecure or in competition with the machine. I think lucky are those who’ve made it through this obstacle successfully.

James Smith

We know for a fact that motorcycling is dangerous and this one can bring yourself to graveyard. We should always have this in mind that if we are responsible enough we should not take drugs or drink a maximum amount of beer because in the first place we know that we will be driving for ourselves.


motorcyclist .... its a way of life. The best word that sums it all up is the sence of Freedom
.... live to ride .. ride to live

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