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March 16, 2007



Right on target! And if I might add, the noice that my bike makes ( 05 R6 w/yoshimura pipe) sometimes is the only thing ppl notice me by, therefore not runing me off the freaking road! Because they are to f#$ng busy on their phones! So for all you non riders. Stop bitching abt our loud bikes! And look twice before u turn and kill a biker! (That goes for cops too! )

mark v

your desire for a loud attention getting bike does not supercede my right to hearing, which I lost 70% in my left ear due to a open pipe harley. I have 4 motorcycles and none of them are offensively loud. Your theory about air cooled engines goes out he window when you listen to an air cooled BMW or even a stock HD!Grow up and learn how to be civil to your fellow man.


How did you lose 70% of your hearing in one ear due to a Harley? I've been around open-piped Harleys, guns, construction sites, airplanes most of my life. I'm 50 and still hear just fine. FYI, most of the email I get on this essay agrees with you. The opposed cylinder set up of an air cooled Beemer contribues to how smoothly and quietly they run, as opposed to the V-twin design of a Harley engine. My stock Harley can rattle the windows if I hit 3k, which is why I keep the revs down in town. Usually I delete comments that seep anger, like yours. But you represent a majority of opinion. So, thanks for sharing.

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