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September 18, 2009



Paul,sounds like fun. You know, your brother spent some rides up Yosemite way. We would race up from Fresno and meet at Fish Lake for brews before heading into the park. Man those were the days.
I will be headed for the avenue of giants next weekend, driving with bike in tow. Should have some video and picts to show you.,maybe a blog post too.

Judy Cecil

Yosemite, officially added to the list. But I'll have to get a motorcycle first.

Thanks for sharing, sound like a wonderful adventure.


As always--I enjoy your writing style.
I lived in California for twenty years and never made it to Yosmite; I've always imagined it to be much like the Grand Canyon only with trees.

Your quite right Paul--Travel changes you, especially the journeys we take alone. For me, I've learned more about myself on a two week sabbatical to England than any other time in my life.
It's not so much the landscape as it is The Miles...


Motorcycle Tires

I hope you must enjoyed the ride of 2000 miles in 5 days. I also love to ride the motorcycle journeys alone.

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