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November 16, 2016



"skidmarks on the underwear that was his campaign" = pure literary genius!

Cristina White

Well written, well said. Thank you, Paul.

Marielena Blanca

At the recent SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) meeting, a female member of the Black population in our community let us know that she had been called the "n" word (shouted by strangers) twice in the last two weeks, as she went about her business in a public place in our community. We need to avoid complacency, and to realize that our community is by no means immune to the hate that eats away at the fabric of this nation.

Lydia Bosley

Paul - Thanks for talking us into coming to see Moonlight (and the review on CBS Sunday Morning didn't hurt either). It was magnificent. Too bad your theater is so far away, we'd be there several times a week! Lydia & Chris Bosley, Logsden, OR

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