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May 23, 2018


Sarah Williams

Wonderful to read your essays again! Keep them coming. You'll never lure me to Vegas but you help me laugh out loud about Corvallis and its dear, nurturing ways.


Paul, We appreciate you and your enterprise and hope that the Darkside will remain a viable and welcomed local endeavor. Film, cinema, is something that our modern culture needs and in the fashion you present, not the corporate glitz show that is so much of our "bread and circus" culture.
I like to think that the "Postman" checked out a few features at your place before he took off for...
Ride safely and may the road wind out forever.
Jeff & Maureen , Two fans


Well put! I lived in Las Vegas from 2012-2016. I appreciate very much your observations and contrasting comments between PNW and Las Vegas. I agree, that town should not exist there, but somehow is survives and continues to reinvent it self constantly. Yes, there is a homeless population in the 100's of thousand in LV. Many of them seek refuge under ground in the big tunnel of runoff under the city. Las Vegas can show you the best in humanity and the worse side by side and unashamed. You do not need to look to far because some how it co exist.

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