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January 09, 2024


Rob Gandara

Nice one. I used Robnetts to start and keep my business open!

Chris Lee

fabulous article of a sad event. I'm a newbie: only shopped there some 35 years. The creaking wood floors, the rolling ladder to access the upper treasures, the little rooms and aisles in the back, the plumbing bins,,,, i'll miss them all!

Barb The Builder

I hope they set you free inside the store to scavenge what you want before they shut down!


You are a good writer
Thank you for this.

Andre Alyeska

It's killin' me.

Nancy Hiebert

Nicely said, Paul. Robnetts is a treasure. Corvallis is/was lucky to have Robnetts. We appreciate The Darkside, too.


Robnett's is my go to hardware store! I will miss them so much. It's going to happen, but I don't like this change. I do hope they get their lives back!


Big sloppy tears falling right here...this is a beautiful tribute.


So well said Paul, and I'm glad you included the floors.
Let's hope that the building remains and is occupied by something almost as amazing.
And by the way thanks for the best movie theater in town.

Almost never met a Paul I didn't like.

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